Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mizuno MP-H4 Iron Set

  The MP-H4 Iron Set is a revolutionary new iron set that offers the most forgiveness and playability Mizuno has ever introduced to the better player’s market. This iron set features seamless blending of iron type hybrid long irons to half-cavity scoring irons. All irons throughout the set are made with our patented Grain Flow Forging process for soft, solid, consistent feel.
Through use of advanced CAD simulation, Mizuno engineers created an iron set which consists of three different iron designs that maximize performance in each aspect of iron play. Hollow long irons that deliver near the legal limit COR and a deep COG which deliver long, consistent distance and an easy, high launch, hollow mid irons that offer a medium level COR and very large Sweet Area for controlled distance and forgiveness, and compact half-cavity scoring irons for precision and trajectory control. Each of the three head constructions are seamlessly blended for feel, trajectory, and ball control. The MP-H4 is like no other MP iron Mizuno has ever made before.
  • Advanced Hybrid Flow Design from Grain Flow Forged hollow long irons to one piece grain flow forged half cavity scoring irons
  • Scientifically designed to optimize sound and feel at impact utilizing Modal Analysis software and Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology
  • Strategically placed trailing edge bevel allows for a wider sole and deeper COG for easy launch and forgiveness, while delivering Tour confirmed turf interaction
  • Modified U-Grooves produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions
MP-H4 Specs:

Club LH Loft ° Lie ° Offset " Bounce ° Length "
2 N/A 18º 59.0º 0.146" 39.25"
3 N/A 21º 59.5º 0.146" 38.75"
4 N/A 24º 60.0º 0.146" 0.5º 38.25"
5 N/A 27º 60.5º 0.142" 37.75"
6 N/A 30º 61.0º 0.138" 37.25"
7 N/A 34º 61.5º 0.130" 36.75"
8 N/A 38º 62.0º 0.122" 36.25"
9 N/A 42º 62.5º 0.114" 35.75"
PW N/A 46º 63.0º 0.106" 35.50"

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