Monday, March 31, 2014

The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver

The Callaway Golf Company, one of the top golf companies worldwide, has once again catapulted themselves into the limelight with one of the newest additions to their roster of superior golf clubs. Callaway is now bringing back their most renowned line of clubs: the Callaway Big Bertha.

If you check the closets and golf bags of many veteran golfers, you are sure to see that they own at least one member of the Big Bertha family of golf clubs, or they previously owned one over the course of their golfing history. It is this sort of familiarity that makes it possible for Callaway to come back strong with their new line of BigBertha Alpha Drivers.

However, that’s not to say that these new clubs are just supposed to get a free pass into your golf bags because of the nostalgia factor. No, they earn their way in with their groundbreaking advancements that are so streamlined and revolutionary that while using one of these golf clubs you will feel like you are breaking the rules and breaking the game.

The Big Bertha Alpha, Callaway's least turning driver, is intended for the better player searching for a few flexible characteristics to calibrate launch conditions by conforming vertical focal point of gravity, loft, lie and directional predisposition.

Gravity Control Adjustability

The Big Bertha Alpha introduces a new technical marvel into the game in the form of Gravity Control Adjustability. While this might sound like a technological phenomenon that would be relevant in outer space, or the job carried out by some gadget on the bridge of the space shuttle, it is actually a very straightforward mechanic that will feel right at home in your hands.

Gravity Control Adjustability is accomplished by the Big Bertha, not by its girth, but rather by its one of a kind Gravity Core. The Big Bertha’s Gravity Core allows you, the player, to regulate and fine tune unwanted spin independently of launch direction and angle. This allows for augmented ball trajectory, optimally personalized ball flights and overall longer distance coverage with each shot.

The Gravity Core allows the Big Bertha Alpha Driver to fill various slots in your golfing arsenal of clubs, changing on the fly from situations when you want more lift to other times when you require more spin. This functionality coupled with the fact that you can also augment your launch angle super-fast and easily, really cements the Big Bertha Alpha as one of the best golfing innovations in a long time.

The bottom line is that Callaway has really blown the competition away with the Big Bertha Alpha. This club fuses innovation and nostalgic goodness into one superior driver that is sure to be a welcome addition to the bags of the pros and will help the novices bring up their game to feel like champions.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Wondrous Benefits Of Personalized Golf Bags

Personalized golf bags are a wonderful addition to your golf game. Whether you are an avid golfer or are

about to try your hand at the swings and challenges for the first time, you need a golf bag. There is nothing more exciting than to have personalized golf bags which will come with all the quintessential benefits and utility of a good quality golf bag but with the additional attribute of being your exclusive property.

Inscribing initials to bags and other items that one possesses is not new. For centuries, people have used some kind of markings on their personal assets. There are multiple benefits of the same.

 ·         One, you can identify your personalized golf bags even if it is piled in a heap of dozens of golf bags. Two, the personalization adds to a sense of exclusivity. Three, it becomes your trademark and thus your style on and off the course. Four, you can always make a statement with your special inscriptions, design or a completely unique layout and style of the bag.

Custom golf bags are in vogue and the aforementioned benefits are certainly some of the reasons why all and sundry are opting for personalized golf bags. From professional golfers to amateurs, from passionate golfers to corporate golfers, all love the idea of custom golf bags.

  •  With custom golf bags, you can get the embroidery color and font style that you like, the brand and model can be tweaked to your needs and if you want you can only opt for some designing elements without getting into the details of the making of the bag. From choosing a combo of font colors to having all kinds of logo designs and inscriptions that you want, everything can be catered to with custom golf bags. 
        Personalized or custom golf bags are utilitarian and financially beneficial as well. 

  •            If you happen to own a company or if you intend to market something which may be your product, service or a particular concept that you have come up with, then you can use your custom golf bags to sport a design, symbol, writings or a logo which speaks of the product, service, brand or concept that you wish to promote. Custom golf bags can be a subtle advertising platform for you or for a company. Considering the audience you get at a golf course, no one would mind pitching something indirectly to people who can be potential investors, business partners or associates.